A Little About Me

Hi, I'm Caroline!

Essential oils changed my life! It all started with discomfort in my hands about 20 years ago. They felt tight, it was hard to bend them, and they were warm to the touch. Feeling exhausted became the norm. It would last for about a week or so and then be gone for months. When it returned it was no longer just in my hands but in the pads of my feet which lead to difficult in walking. When it went to my shoulders. I eventually couldn’t lift my hands above my head to do even the simplest thing... getting dress. Working with my doctor, we tried various options. I experienced crazy side effects during my journey. My skin broke out in rashes from being in the sun and once, my skin turned orange! When my sister-in-law introduced me to doTERRA, my eyes were opened. I learned a lot more about how my body works and how what I put on and, in my body, has a direct effect on my health. I now have the energy and vitality I once enjoyed. I’m always looking for someone to share with!

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